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Catering and Events are opportunities for us to make memories with you. Each event is customized from menu to décor. We look forward to tailoring our services to suit your needs

Special Event & Private Party Line: 412-467-0662


photo courtesy David Kelly

The Bar

Seats up to 50

A soft seating area and hand-made tables compliment a room full of mismatched furniture and a bar made from recycled flooring with a vein of anthracite coal running down its center.

Our bar is perfect for any number of occasions: from happy hours to fundraising activity, to more refined experiences.

The dining Room

Seats up to 38

Hallmarked by large tables, and an eclectic décor, the scratch dining room offers something remarkable in today's restaurant scene: unpretentious comfort.


We would love to work with you to customize our space and

make for a memorable experience. 

Scratch (267253), Pittsburgh Reservations